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A Plan Designed Specifically For You To Reach Your  Full Potential



As a certified trainer, movement specialist, and nutrition coach,  I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. More than just getting you into shape, I also help with improving endurance, mobility, building strength, coming back from an injury, and improving lifestyle habits. With my education and experience I can help you reach your  full potential!

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Online Personal Training
Feel Better, Look Better,  Move Better and Live Better.

Online Personal Training is a great affordable and flexible option for many people. Online personal training offers the convenience to workout when it fits your schedule while still getting a customized workout program from a certified trainer and having that accountability.

"Online training provides the direction, support, and accountability that many need to maintain a fitness program."



For many people this is the GAME CHANGER they have been looking for.

One of the biggest pieces of achieving your health & fitness goals is nutrition, but for many people this is also the HARDEST!


With Smythe Fitness Online Nutrition Coaching we want to change this by giving you the tools you need to be successful. 


I don't prescribe short-term diets, meal plans or 'food rules.' Instead I will help you build the lasting skills and habits necessary to look and feel better for the long-term and for life!  

Busy Dads
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More Energy, More Stamina, Improved Strength, Improved Health & No More Dad Bod!


The Fit Dad, Strong Dad online group is designed to help busy dads lose the dad bod, improve their health and get into the best shape of their lives.


Along with online training & coaching, you will belong to an elite group of busy dads who challenge each other and hold each other accountable to meet their goals. 

Each busy dad has unique challenges and with the Fit Dad, Strong Dad group we address each one to help you achieve the body and lifestyle you desire.

A Little About Me
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Contact Me

I am a husband, father, coach, personal trainer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete.

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and healthy body. We have one life and one body.

My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals and design a plan based around YOU and YOUR lifestyle that will help you achieve long-term success. 

I work with a variety of individuals from all walks of life but specialize in helping busy dads lose the dad bod and improve their lifestyles. 

Contact me to see if we will be a good fit together!

1256 Cornwall St

Regina, Saskatchewan

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