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Finally… A NO B.S. Fitness Program Designed For Busy Dads That REALLY WORKS!!
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The Fit Dad, Strong Dad program is for busy dads who are wanting to lose the dad bod and improve their health and fitness. 

Let's face it, you are here because you are tired of the dad bod and want to make some changes. The truth is, as a busy dad finding time to exercise can be difficult at best, but NOT  impossible.

With the Fit Dad, Strong Dad program we take those challenges we face as busy dads and provide opportunities to improve health and fitness. 

Everybody's situation and lifestyle is different and each program is designed specifically to help YOU wherever YOU are at.

If you are a dad who is serious about getting fit and ready to leave the excuses at the door, then this opportunity is for you. 

I will come along beside you and take you through an individualized program based around YOUR needs. You will also be a part of a group of individuals who KNOW what you’re going through as a busy dad.


We will look at things that are holding you back, such as time barriers, sleep issues, confidence issues, and discuss ways to REMOVE those obstacles !


“The results have been great! These sustainable plans have led to an 8% decrease in overall body fat and 20lbs lost. I also hit a huge goal for me of a 500lb trap bar deadlift. Can’t wait to see where we go from here and definitely recommend Dennis to anyone looking for an attentive, effective, and approachable trainer! “



" I saw great results within the first month. For me it wasn't really about what I saw anyways my biggest concern was to feel strong and fit again and after training for a few months now I feel entirely more stable and strong physically and couldn't be more pleased. I work a job where I am on my feet for almost the whole day and before would have back pain by the end of the day and have even noticed it is now gone as well."


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“I highly recommend Dennis as an online trainer for anyone looking to improve their physical health. I find that Dennis is attentive and adjusts my program to bring me maximum benefit and has the knowledge and experience to create a practical and full workout program that is designed to meet my fitness goals.”


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How is the program delivered?

We will be using an online app that will allow you to take your training plan wherever you go. The mobile app offers numerous tools that help you keep track of workouts, nutrition, and stats as well as links to video demonstrations all right on your mobile device.

We communicate through video, an in-app messenger, email, and other forms of message, as well as through the private group within the training app. The group is a private group with dads just like you to help encourage you and hold you accountable. Being a part of a community and like-mind individuals is a great way to influence positive behavior and lifestyle change.


To begin you will first be taken through a virtual movement assessment and identify any movement issues that need to be addressed for optimal performance and movement quality. We will then discuss your goals and any barriers holding you back. From there I will design a personalized program based around your goals, needs, and any movement issues identified. We will have regular feedback and make any adjustments needed along the way to help you achieve long term success.

In-App Experience
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“Working with Dennis means taking a calm  no nonsense approach to fitness. I really appreciated the pre-program goals review, equipment access discussion and movement assessment in order to ensure that the program fit my needs. The app based delivery of the workouts, instructional video's, and tracking was super easy to use and added great value.  The results have been great!  I have seen the weight loss I was hoping for and the strength gains have been consistent.  My clothes fit better and I notice the strength improvements in little ways everyday (hauling softener salt to the basement).  I plan to keep it up and look forward to integrating the program with cycling training this summer. ”


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