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“The results have been great! These sustainable plans have led to an 8% decrease in overall body fat and 20lbs lost. I also hit a huge goal for me of a 500lb trap bar deadlift. Can’t wait to see where we go from here and definitely recommend Dennis to anyone looking for an attentive, effective, and approachable trainer! “



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Increased energy, better sleep, 30 lbs lost in 90 days & the best blood work numbers in 9 years!!


I started with Dennis with a goal of losing weight. I was hoping for 20-25lbs, but anything would be great. I had been weight training for about 4 years, but had become really committed over the last year. It was time to take it to the next level and fine tune my diet. Dennis built a supplementary exercise plan to go with my resistance training, and taught me how to clean up my diet. It wasn’t easy. But it got easier. 90 days and 30lbs down!!! My doctor was floored!! I had routine blood work that revealed my best numbers in 9 years! I feel great!! I have more energy, I sleep better, and I’ve learned how to “use” food to my advantage. Thanks, Dennis! I’d recommend this to anyone!!


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Decreased back pain, improved movement and over 60 lbs lost! This is Jon’s story:


"With my career as a police officer, shift work and night shifts combined with poor nutrition took a toll on my body. My back made it near impossible to function properly and keep up with my kids. With the help of Dennis, I was able to gain knowledge of proper functional workouts that helped strengthen my back, and help me to drop over 60 lbs along the way. Thanks for all the help Dennis."



"The program has exceeded my expectations. Initially I was concerned about  how things would work with my schedule and access to equipment but this has been great. Dennis was able to work with my schedule and form my program around the equipment I had available to me.

My goals were to gain functional strength and fix my mobility issues. My mobility issues are solved and continuing to improve, my strength in the hex bar deadlift has went from 220lb to 370lb with only a 4 lb total body

weight increase. ( I compete at 135lb so this number is important). My hip strength has dramatically increased, which has improved my grappling and kicks, my core strength has improved which has improved my overall game, lastly my overall strength has improved, which helps me control my opponents.

I am glad I started this program, it is an excellent way for me to get high quality strength and conditioning training with where I live

that fits my busy schedule."

-Zach Gehl


" I saw great results within the first month. For me it wasn't really about what I saw anyways my biggest concern was to feel strong and fit again and after training for a few months now I feel entirely more stable and strong physically and couldn't be more pleased. I work a job where I am on my feet for almost the whole day and before would have back pain by the end of the day and have even noticed it is now gone as well."



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“My original goal when I started with Dennis was to be stronger. I never enjoyed lifting weights before, now i can’t wait for the next session. Dennis has helped me improve my strength,mobility and muscle imbalances. My hips & shoulders feel so much better! Not only am I much stronger, but I am also much faster. Placing top 2 in the QCM & RPS marathons for several years in a row. This years QCM was my fastest ever. Take that a random man 8 years ago told me I was going to get slower because I was old!! My friends complain about sore stiff bodies, weight gain not sleeping. Thanks to Dennis I sleep like a log and feel better!”



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“I highly recommend Dennis as an online trainer for anyone looking to improve their physical health. I find that Dennis is attentive and adjusts my program to bring me maximum benefit and has the knowledge and experience to create a practical and full workout program that is designed to meet my fitness goals.”


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“Working with Dennis means taking a calm  no nonsense approach to fitness. I really appreciated the pre-program goals review, equipment access discussion and movement assessment in order to ensure that the program fit my needs. The app based delivery of the workouts, instructional video's, and tracking was super easy to use and added great value.  The results have been great!  I have seen the weight loss I was hoping for and the strength gains have been consistent.  My clothes fit better and I notice the strength improvements in little ways everyday (hauling softener salt to the basement).  I plan to keep it up and look forward to integrating the program with cycling training. ”


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From the Old-timers

“We will tell you quite freely that we are over the hill and halfway down the other side. The three of us have trained with Dennis for varying amounts of time – from 7 years to 3 years. In every case, Dennis has taken the time to know each of us (strengths, weaknesses and goals). He has assessed our abilities and has patiently designed programs specific to each person’s needs. Dennis has the ability to see our potential even when we can’t. He challenges us when we don’t think we can do something, encourages us to do that last rep, but never pushes to the point of injury. His keen eye watches to ensure that our technique is correct and makes valuable suggestions to improve our mobility, stability and stamina.

After every session we are empowered to taken on the world! We believe we can achieve anything since we have achieved so much at the gym. The joy and pride he takes in teaching his “old farts” makes it fun for all of us. We look forward for the next adventure at the gym. We cannot say enough about this guy!!!!!!!"


-The Old-timers (Glenn, Judy and Pat)


“I was looking for a personal trainer to get some upper body strength to enable me to paddle with a competitive dragon boat team. I have had personal trainers before but no one has come close to what Dennis has done for me. Not only has my posture improved, but I have been able to compete on multiple dragon boat teams. I no longer have pain in my shoulders and back and my running has improved as I had my personal best time at Queen City Half Marathon. The best part is I felt great when I finished, no sore knees, hips or back. Just everyday life has become much easier, carrying planters, flower pots, and for the first time in years carrying my own filled propane tank! The best day of my life was when I found Dennis, he really knows his stuff! Thank You Dennis!”



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